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plastic_vinyl's Journal

( break一down )
neishamarie. seventeen. wannabe photographer. asking alexandria. proud S❤NE, kthnx. photoshop. progressive & experimental. music. art. zack fair, johnny rayflo & takashi morinozuka. jonny craig. sebastian michaelis
not much to say about myself than just that. plain and simple. 'cept the fact that I simply adore Zack Fair. .more than Mori. * W*; Sorry Mori, but Zack comes first. This journal is mainly for friends only, but I'm a pretty nice person to get to know and becoming friends with me is pretty simple. similar interests is a must if you're deciding on adding me. & I love you too, Thalie. ;DD! ♥ Haha.

Zack Fair is_legally_mine. ♥
I am the Ffamran 'Balthier' Bunansa of Livejournal!
Oerba Yun Fang is idk_my_bff? rofl.