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( break一down )
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21st-Jan-2011 10:39 pm - ♔ omgcolorbars. ♥
// useless
'Corse I had to add some of Zack in here, right? Haha. You just gotta love him. I know I do. XD NO IM NOT OBSSESIVE. Just in loooove. XDD

boy oh boy, the price of freedom is steep.Collapse )

More to come. I'll be making a few of my own soon.
I'll be sure to post them up here for free use by anyone. (:
// badass turk

Got love the original FFVII, and now since I was able to pull up the Offical Scans, here are some icons and Banners I've made. And of course, just for fun, I put up the Cloud Smiles OST. That song gets me every time, especially when I watch the Advent Children ending. IT NEVER GETS OLD. n//w//n;


24th-Dec-2010 08:19 pm - ♔ Merii Kurisumasu.~
// a thousand words.

I hope everyone has a good one. (:
21st-Dec-2010 01:41 pm - ♔ The Zanarkand Ruins.
// hold up.
So, just to let everyone know -
The grand opening of The Zanarkand Ruins community will be up & runnin' pretty soon. So just hold tight. And expect this site to be fully open for Christmas. Maybe call it a little Christmas present, from me to you?

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